Enter the era of post-modern marketing

Do you feel the change coming? Modern Marketing has given B2B marketers – all marketers really – a vast and innovative toolset. It has put data at the center of what we do. It has unleashed technology in multiple ways, shapes and forms – from automation to segmentation, targeting to analytics, and programmatic reach to efficiency.

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The change that we at Stein IAS feel is taking place starts with the growing confidence B2B marketers have gained. Through the power of Modern Marketing and marketing’s growing role across the buyer journey, we have made great progress in achieving the accountability mandates of the clients for which we work and partner. That said, Modern Marketing’s mastery is still a work in progress with much learning and transformation ahead.

Still, the time has come to look beyond Modern Marketing and focus on what is in fact already here, and gaining massive momentum. The time has come to enter marketing's Post-Modern era.

In a Post-Modern Marketing world, we will bring with us all the tools Modern Marketing has given us. But we will use these tools with even greater effect. With the greater and growing confidence we have to drive business outcomes, we will seek to do more. We will be enlivened by data, but not enslaved by it. We will inspire audiences through ideas and experiences that are bold, intuitive and intensely valuable. We will be increasingly agile, adaptive, predictive and creative. We are all Modern. Now, in a Post-Modern context, we have before us the opportunity to be more than that.

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Discover the genesis of post- modern Marketing


What does it mean to be Post-Modern?

Over the past decade, B2B brands and agencies have widely adopted the practices of Modern Marketing, a digital, inbound, data- and analytics-driven paradigm that’s served us well. But now, as “modern” approaches become ubiquitous, we need to go even further. Explore the pillars of Post-Modern Marketing to see how.

Six Pillars of post modern marketing

  • Experiential
  • Adaptive
  • Non-Linear
  • Collaborative
  • Connected
  • Predictive

Post-Modern Marketing is creatively thrilling while extremely useful and shareable. To break through, we must connect highly personalized experiences that draw customers in and have utility to engage, inspire and empower. It’s not about ‘selling’ alone – it’s abut creating exceptional experiences for our audiences.

Post-Modern Marketing is constant and constantly evolving. Campaigns don’t just end. Communications are always on. And marketers need the stamina and persistence to outpace change and complexity, as well as the adroit skills of an agile developer to iterate, innovate and evolve.

The Post-Modern buyer journey doesn’t follow a straight line. So, while communications must well-planned and well-structured, they must be fluid and integrated across all channels and devices – and meet customers wherever they roam with the information and experiences they crave.

Post-Modern Marketers need to inform and be fully engaged with colleagues across all business functions – from sales to IT to HR to, most critically, the C-Suite. And as the integration between departments continues to become closer, so too must the relationship between client and agency.

Powerful Post-Modern brands go to market armed with the optimal fusion of marketing technologies. There is no “out of the box” tech stack – no silver bullet combination. Brands need to intelligently and selectively choose the right tools and platforms to win the war for share of mind and wallet.

The magic of Post-Modern Marketing comes from being having and being able to break down complex data. As marketing technologies are increasingly driven by automated, predictive tools and artificial intelligence, we can conjure experiences that are more dynamic, personal and relevant.

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